Our Group

Trafigura's management and employees are its sole shareholders. This ownership model promotes a long-term outlook and prudent risk management.

We bridge the gap between commodity producers and end-users with a range of services. We store, blend, transport, risk manage and finance commodity holdings. We deliver physical products that meet precise client specifications.

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Our Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure ThumbWe have built a lean, responsive business by retaining a flat management structure.

Local managers have scope to develop solutions that benefit their customers. We manage risk and financial performance with proprietary IT systems.

Trafigura and its various joint-venture subsidiaries are active in numerous territories. Arm's length relationships preserve commercial independence and drive performance.

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Our Performance

Global Group Turnover (USD billions)
Year USD (billions) Description
2007 USD50.9 billion Turnover
2008 USD73.1 billion Turnover
2009 USD47.3 billion Turnover
2010 USD79.2 billion Turnover
2011 USD121.6 billion Turnover
2012 USD120.4 billion Turnover
2013 USD133 billion Turnover

We have the scale and global reach to profit from physical arbitrage in multiple markets.

Trafigura has seen enormous growth since its foundation in 1993. Our turnover has increased tenfold in just ten years, from USD12.2 billion in 2003 to over USD133.0 billion by 2013.

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Our Responsibility

Our business strategy promotes growth and expansion in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We always seek to ensure that our activities make a positive contribution to the lives of those affected by our operations. 

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Case study

Winning over hearts and minds in Puerto Rico

In 2009, a blast and fire tore through an oil storage terminal owned by Caribbean Petroleum Company (Capeco) in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Hundreds of nearby houses were damaged and the terminal itself was partially destroyed. Two years later, Puma Energy Caribe acquired the site and announced plans to bring it back into use.