A reliable trading partner will always perform – even in the toughest times. Trafigura’s diversified funding model allows it to operate effectively in all market conditions. Its scale and structure protects the business from market shocks. It provides flexibility and the ability to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

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Risk Management

Trafigura’s prudent approach to risk management unlocks access in volatile markets. We systematically hedge flat price risk and have little exposure to underlying commodity prices. Trafigura’s globally diversified portfolio has reduced risk characteristics. Trafigura’s advanced global risk management methodology focuses on aggregate risk, paying particular attention to term structure and intra-commodity spreads. Risk concentrations are continuously reviewed in the context of changing market dynamics.


Balance sheet

The Group’s strong balance sheet generates economies of scale, supports infrastructure investment and allows us to finance production. We use collateralised short-term financing for trading with loans secured by the underlying physical commodities. Longer-term debt finances fixed assets and investments.

Diverse Financing

Diverse financing strategies maximise scalability, flexibility and business resilience. Trafigura diversifies both the sources and the structure of its financing to minimise risk and maximise operational effectiveness. It raises funds in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and has lending arrangements in place at over 130 banks.


Financial Statements

As a private company Trafigura has no obligation to report to its shareholders. Notwithstanding this, we report on our activities biannually. We produce an interim report for the six-month period ending 31st March and an annual report which covers the full financial year from 1st October to 30th September. As part of our policy of increasing transparency, commencing with the 2013 annual report, interim and annual reports are available online.

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