Trading responsibly is the right thing to do – and it makes commercial sense.
As a leading commodities trading company, we act as partner to nations, corporations and communities. We’ve built our success through long-term partnerships. We aim to generate lasting shared value while earning the trust of those around us through responsible practices and behaviours. 

A long-term perspective

Over the last two decades the incredible growth of global trade has led to faster, more efficient transportation of natural resources from points of origination to consumption. Trafigura’s role has been pivotal.

Much of what we do is subject to tight regulation and intense public scrutiny. This is as it should be. We transport volatile materials. We operate in challenging environments.

We will continue to play our part in developing the industry in future. We already subscribe to the latest international environmental, transparency and safety standards. We will adopt and develop international best practice, and encourage our trading partners to do the same.


Responding to stakeholders

External expectations and perceptions have influenced our approach to a broad range of corporate responsibility matters. There is added impetus for our business to be more transparent, responsive and collaborative on issues that matter to our increasingly diverse range of stakeholders.

Our activities can have a big impact on communities, economies and the environment, but what we do is also integral to the health of the global economy. It is our responsibility to maximise the positive impacts and mitigate any adverse consequences as much as possible.

Our overriding aim is to make global trade ever more reliable, ever more efficient and always responsible. This is what we mean by ‘advancing trade’. We welcome the challenge and we will work alongside our stakeholders to deliver it.

Our approach to Responsibility

Trading responsibly

Responsible trade drives economic progress and builds stronger societies.

We source, store, blend and deliver a wide variety of materials, from crude oil to ores, concentrates and refined metals, across the globe. Our industrial assets include oil storage facilities, fuel service stations, vessels, warehouses and mines.

Our activities are as technically and commercially complex as they are geographically and operationally dispersed. To trade responsibly Trafigura has to meet the highest standards right across the supply chain, and put health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) issues at the forefront in its planning and decision making.