Puma Energy

Puma Energy is a new breed of oil major. It focuses on international reach, and midstream and downstream delivery. The company is fuelling progress by getting oil products to places where they make a real difference to people’s lives. It has built a successful global business by doing the simple things well.

Puma Energy focuses on delivering the right products when and where they are needed. It invests worldwide in storage, supply systems and people to facilitate that. It develops highly integrated fuel supply chains to maximise its opportunities in high-growth markets.

Puma Energy has an ambitious, entrepreneurial culture. The company has grown rapidly, both organically and through acquisition, and has proved adept at incorporating new businesses. It has shown this repeatedly in its existing markets as well as in new territories and regions. It now supplies affordable, high-quality fuel products in 47 countries.

Puma Energy is tapping into energy needs in fast-growing markets in Africa, Central and Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. In the past, the company was known for its successes in emerging economies. Today, its largest retail networks are in fast-growing, developed economies.

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