Trafigura Mining Group

The Mining Group manages mining operations, develops projects, conducts technical audits of existing and potential partner projects and provides advisory and support services to the rest of the company.

Trafigura has been actively involved in mining operations throughout its 20-year history. These activities are now centralised within the Trafigura Mining Group.

Trafigura Mining Group has a three-part strategy. It grows existing operations organically, develops new projects where opportunities arise, and provides technical services to assist the Trafigura Group and its partners.

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Mining operations

Trafigura Mining Group’s main operations are in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. The Group operates the Catalina Huanca mine in Peru and is active in Brazil and Cuba. Its flagship mine, Aguas Teñidas (MATSA) in Spain which is owned in a 50-50 joint venture with Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company, Mubadala, produces copper, zinc and lead concentrates with some silver on the Iberian Pyrite Belt in Spain’s south-western region of Andalusia.

Technical services

Our global technical team includes internationally renowned mining specialists and provides a range of specialist services. Geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, project management experts and mining industry veterans travel the world, providing assistance where it is needed. The team has provided expertise to support a range of projects, including Jinchuan’s new copper smelter in China and due-diligence work with iron ore producers in Brazil.



A EUR220 million, two-year expansion programme at MATSA has created one of Spain’s largest mining operations. Major new deposits and a second treatment plant have doubled production capacity in recent years from 2.3 million to 4.4 million tonnes annually.

A brand new mine, Magdalena, the first in Spain for decades came on-stream in 2016. The satellite Sotiel mine, located near MATSA, was reopened to feed the expanded treatment plant while production ramps-up at Magdalena.

Impala’s 135,000m2 logistics terminal at the Port of Huelva provides additional storage and carries out blending to prepare shipments that meet customer requirements.

Magdalena features exceptionally rich copper concentrate deposits. We are optimising productivity and implementing effective HSEC procedures to give MATSA one of the lowest break-even production costs in the global copper mining industry.



In Brazil, the Mining Group along with Mubadala, has acquired the Tico-Tico and Ipe iron ore mining and processing assets from the creditors of MMX Sudeste. The assets represent an opportunity for Trafigura to expand in the ferrous mining business and will complement the Porto Sudeste port business also jointly controlled by Impala Terminals and Mubadala.

The Mining Group is interested in exploring further opportunities and to play a role in the consolidation of the fragmented mining industry in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte region.


The Mining Group has consistently demonstrated its ability to deploy expertise and investment in challenging economic or political environments. Emincar, a joint venture with the Government of Cuba to develop the Castellanos zinc and lead mine is the most recent example.

Expected to be operational by late-2017, this has the potential to develop into a significant part of our portfolio and an important export for the Cuban economy. The Mining Group will manage operations and oversee capital expenditure for the project.