Greece, Athens

The capital of Greece, being a leading shipowning nation wherefrom almost 20% of the World’s Fleet is owned and operated, is a well sought destination for shipping companies, more so for an International Trading Firm. Trafigura’s shipping arm has been present in Athens since 2000 offering a centralised location for the group’s Operations, Claims, Bunkering, Disbursements and Storage functions.

An ever expanding office, staffed with highly talented individuals, offers unique opportunities for the young and passionate generation with strong desire to join the world of shipping and trading.

Our Athens Office has become the link to the group’s ship trading activities demonstrating a robust expertise in the wet, dry and gas shipping aiming to serve the over 3600 fixtures across the commodity desks as well as the trading functions.

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Careers in Athens

Trafigura in Athens

The office building is a 2 storey, open plan work-space with 80 staff members, divided between the various functions and services offered to the group but greatly integrated and collaborating in a harmonised way. 

The office space is divided between the open plan main working-space which stretches along the entire 2nd floor, surrounded by internal meeting rooms, coffee stations and collaborative spaces. The hallway landing on the first floor serves as access to an extra working space which is surrounded by shower and nursing facilities.

The reception located on the 1st floor embraces simplicity in adornment, with a clean and fresh interior with two modern formal boardrooms and a collaborative meeting room.

A modern cafeteria is wrapped between the reception and the 1st floor work-space that supplements the in-house conveniences.

Across the entire working space it becomes prominent that the strong ethics and hard-working culture of the group is cultivated and delivered in an aim to strive and succeed