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Our two year graduate development programme based in Montevideo is designed to provide you with a structured series of rotations across our core trading business in areas such as trade finance, operations, deals desk and analysis, with the potential to rotate into our mid and downstream supply and warehousing and logistics business’, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the business, opening up a future of unlimited opportunities within the Trafigura group.

As part of the 2 year programme you will complete 3 rotations, all based in the Montevideo office.

The programme encourages an entrepreneurial attitude where participants are highly visible and are expected to create opportunities for themselves through exponential performance and networking.

You will be asked on application to indicate a (non committal) interest for a particular area: deals desk, operations, trade finance and analysis but will complete rotations across 3 areas before entering a chosen area, ensuring that on completion of the programme you enter your role with the full understanding of how each function operates and enhances the other in order to maximise profit potential for the group.
*We will ask you why at interview.

It is worth noting that this is not a trading programme: Those looking to enter a commercial (‘front line trading/business development’’) role should expect to spend several years within a department after completing the programme ‘mastering’ the product specific techniques and skills that will ensure their long term career, be it management or commercial, is enhanced to guarantee their full career potential.

A minimum requirement of a 2:1 / 3.4 GPA (or equivalent) in any discipline and fluent English is essential.

Meet one of our graduate trainees in Montevideo

28 June 2017

Meet one of our regional deals desk managers in Montevideo

28 June 2017

Demystifying the role of the operations team within a commodity trading firm

Watch video

Demystifying the role of the operations team within a commodity trading firm

05 September 2016

Demystifying the role of commodity traders

Watch video

Demystifying the role of commodity traders

05 September 2016

A day in the life of a trade finance graduate

Trade finance graduate

Country: Montevideo – Uruguay
Education: International Business and Integration
History: Started In Montevideo on the Grad program.
Interests: Reading, music, handcraft and movies.


I wake up and drag my feet to the kitchen to have some kind of improvised breakfast to fuel my day. I’m definitely going to need the energy for what’s coming.


Arrive to the office a bit early. At that time, it’s still not buzzing and you can get a quiet time to work before it all starts…. It’s like the calm before the storm. LCs, Bid bonds and insurance from yesterday are waiting for you the moment you turn on that PC.


No time for mistakes or hesitation, the ball is rolling and you have just four hours before the major banks in Geneva/London/Paris close down for the day, the time to work is NOW. One bank rejected your deal, another too, their lines are too full to accommodate 50 M at the moment. It’s time to grab your contact list and start calling all your banks, someone will take it, you just need to find out who, and fast. Someone on your team just paid back a big loan with a bank in Paris, better give them a call before the line is taken.


Lunch will have to wait, you still have two hours’ worth of banks and that Tender due date wont slip another day. Picking up the phone is your best shot at getting things issued quickly. Remember to make friends on the other end of the phone. This might make the difference for pushing the end line, and finishing the LC issuance for you before they leave.


Food time! It’s a sunny day, the park around the office has many restaurant options, so I’m taking a nice table under the sun, with a fresh lemonade and a nice piece of beef to go with.


Trader email, there’s a new tender and we need to issue for tomorrow. At the same time, one of our deals in Latam wasn’t approved by the Credit team without Insurance, so we will have to call and see if we can get something on that front. Banks are closed now , but it’s better to drop them an email to be sure we have a response first thing tomorrow morning.


The documents are ready, the bank confirmed by phone they could issue the bid early in the morning, and the insurance team in London said they might have some people to cover the risk. It’s time to send everything out and start preparing for tomorrow.


Contracts, Legal, ops, traders , they also need your attention and questions. I scroll through hundreds of emails and start answering the urgent ones. If I don’t prioritize , I won’t make it to the end of the week.


Time to check nothing was missed and that everything is put in motion for tomorrow. It was a long and fast paced day, but everything went well (at least today). Time to go get dinner and a couple of beers with some friends. Tomorrow is a new day.

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay