06 May 2022

Making carbon markets work – for everyone

Posted by Céline Yvon

Earlier this year Plan Vivo formed a partnership with the Trafigura Foundation (see news - 18th January 2022). The Trafigura Foundation offers long-term funding and expertise to NGOs and social enterprises to improve socio-economic conditions of vulnerable communities around the world.

Céline Yvon, Deputy Director at the Trafigura Foundation, explores the potential of carbon markets as a mechanism for securing sustainable finance, diversifying development efforts, and fostering community resilience.  Céline discusses the issues that smallholders and local communities face on their journey to set up and manage carbon projects; she highlights how the Trafigura Foundation’s partnership with Plan Vivo will lower these barriers, with the aim of making carbon markets work – for everyone.

100 billion dollars. That’s the value the voluntary carbon market reached in 2021. At the Trafigura Foundation, we are passionate about translating this revenue potential into financial opportunities for those who need them most.