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Brújula Verde, Colombia

Landscape restoration on degraded lands in Colombia

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Published on1 Oct 2023

In the Orinoco region of Colombia, the Brújula Verde project is restoring land degraded by years of intense cattle grazing through the development of a forestry plantation that will return the soils to health and produce high-quality carbon removals.


Brújula Verde represents a landmark investment for restoration at landscape scale. The first phase of the project involves planting 12 million eucalyptus trees across an area of 10,000 hectares, with the potential for expansion to 30,000 hectares.


Inverbosques, the project’s operations manager and our local partner, has operated in this region for more than a decade and understands how to maximise productivity as well as reintroduce native species into the heavily degraded landscape.


Overall, Brújula Verde has the potential to absorb 20 million tonnes of CO2 over 30 years. It will also bring a host of other environmental benefits, including preventing soil erosion and building ecological corridors for native fauna and flora.


In addition to financing the project, Trafigura will manage the offtake and distribution of the carbon credits, providing our customer base with high-quality nature-based removals in addition to co-investment opportunities for future expansions of the project.

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