Incorrect statement about Probo Koala

01 September 2011

It has come to our notice that a September 2006 US embassy cable from Abidjan to departments in the US government has been released on Wikileaks. It refers to the Probo Koala incident.

In the cable, it states that Compagnie Tommy was a subsidiary of Puma Energy, a subsidiary of Trafigura**.

Trafigura can confirm that there has never been any connection between Compagnie Tommy and any Trafigura or Puma Energy company, other than that Compagnie Tommy was appointed to discharge the slops on board the Probo Koala. There was absolutely no other connection to Compagnie Tommy before, during or after the incident. Compagnie Tommy was never a subsidiary of Puma Energy or any other Trafigura company.

** In fact, the cable refers mistakenly to a "Tommy de Raphael Zadi Dacoury" which is a confusing aggregation of the names of the company that illegally dumped the slops and a Mr Dacoury Raphael Zadi, who was the Focal Point for the Basel Convention at the Cote d'Ivoire Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources and Forests.