Trafigura & The Probo Koala

June 2006: Probo Koala leaves Mediterranean

July 2006: Probo Koala in Amsterdam

September 2006: Trafigura Commissions the Draft Minton report

September 2006: Results of the NFI report

November 2006: Trafigura Appoints Rt. Hon. The Lord Fraser of Carmyllie to Chair Probo Koala Inquiry

November 2006: Leigh Day & Co. initiates High Court Group Action

July 2007: Trafigura Serves Defence Against Leigh Day & Co.

October 2008: Trafigura and Leigh Day & Co. Case Management Agreement

May 2009: BBC Broadcasts Newsnight report

July 2009: WSP publishes Independent report

September 2009: Trafigura Vindicated in the English High Court

September 2009, UN Special Rapporteur Publishes report

October 2009: The ‘super-injunction’ and The Guardian

December 2009: BBC broadcasts Apology to Trafigura

March 2010: Lord Fraser Issues Second Interim Report of Probo Koala Inquiry

May 2010: The Guardian Publishes Apology to Trafigura

May 2010: Leigh Day & Co. Legal Bill Disclosed for Trafigura Case