Case study: Delta Blue Carbon

Trafigura has partnered with the Government of Pakistan for anchor offtake of the world’s largest mangrove restoration project. The project represents a landmark example of private-public participation to scale carbon removals, build climate resilience and benefit local communities. 
Over its lifetime, the project will sequester up to 128 million tonnes of CO2e and has already delivered significant results, including the planting of 75,404 hectares of mangrove forests and the implementation of initiatives to support the livelihoods and improve the living conditions and well-being of forest-dependent communities. 


Sindh, Pakistan 


Credits Issuing 


Verified Carbon Standard with Climate Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards 

Project ID


Project area

350,000 hectares 

Estimated carbon removals

128 million tonnes CO2e over 60 years