13 August 2021

Statement re Malawi

We note recent articles in the Malawian media following the launch of a Government review into possible malpractice in the tender process for the award of contracts to supply clean fuel products.

We strongly welcome a review into the tender process which leads to increased transparency of the tender process and the award of new contracts, for the benefit of Malawi’s national economy and people.

Trafigura regularly bids for new contracts to provide Malawi with a guaranteed supply of high quality gasoline, gasoil and aviation fuel.  The company is well placed to tender highly competitive bids, due to our global footprint and regional infrastructure located in Beira and Dar Es Salaam, in neighbouring countries to Malawi. We compete fairly and openly in line with our commitments to the highest standards of corporate integrity and responsibility and strongly refute any allegation of impropriety or malpractice.