07 November 2016

Trafigura response to Public Eye event in Geneva related to its report on fuel quality in Africa

7 November 2016

7 November 2016 - We note Public Eye’s plan to stage an event outside our Geneva office today and to present its petition on the subject of fuel quality in Africa. ‎We understand its desire to draw public attention to this issue. Nevertheless, we believe its approach is ill judged.

Pollution in African cities is a serious problem. As we said when Public Eye published its report, this issue is a global one that requires a co-ordinated and adequately supported inter-governmental approach with the primary responsibility on African governments that set fuel specifications.

As one of many suppliers to Africa, Trafigura believes the responsible approach is to participate in the discussion regarding how this objective can be progressed. That is why we have been actively raising this issue with  African governments, the European Commission and  the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), putting the case for appropriate multilateral action. 

We believe that these are the appropriate channels to advance effective action on this issue, and we suggest that  Public Eye move on from today’s publicity stunt by engaging seriously with the relevant governments on an issue that demands international attention.