Trafigura is one of the world’s leading commodity trading firms. We are leveraging our experience and expertise to develop a more responsible business.


We have set ourselves an important ambition: to become acknowledged sector leaders in the way we manage corporate responsibility. This commitment is endorsed by Trafigura’s Management Committee, shareholders and by employees across the Group. It is also firmly rooted in commercial logic, for a number of reasons.

  1. We know we have to earn and maintain a social licence to operate in the many countries and communities where we are active.
  2. As a company specialising in the logistics of moving large volumes of potentially dangerous or polluting materials around the world, we know we need to operate a systematic and rigorous approach to the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) risks, both in operations under our direct control and in our selection of contracting partners.
  3. Our partners rightly require assurance that we operate to the highest standards. Demonstrating leadership in responsibility will support the development of our business and enhance our access to capital and liquidity. In that sense, we see good performance in this area as a means of securing a competitive edge.

Different parts of the Trafigura Group have distinct challenges and priorities across the HSEC and compliance agenda. All are required to implement, measure and report performance against the priorities and targets agreed at Group and operating levels.  A summary of our performance can be found in our Responsibility Report available at the base of this page.


The sustainability of any policy is contingent on how it is developed, embedded and monitored.

In our 2016 Responsibility Report, we described the adoption of a new Corporate Responsibility Policy, together with updated Business Principles covering human rights, health and safety, environment and community engagement. Publication followed extensive consultation with employees, business partners and other stakeholders. These documents are all available here at

At a strategic level, our Corporate Responsibility Policy articulates the leadership team’s priorities and commitments for social and environmental governance. Operationally, it outlines what is expected from everyone in the Group, its divisions and operating companies. 

Our policy and principles are cognisant of emerging best practice for multinational corporations and in particular with authoritative frameworks such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the UNGPs or ‘Ruggie Principles’). They also reflect the evolving expectations of many of our stakeholders, from financing institutions to local communities.

We actively encourage business partners and other entities directly linked to our business operations, products and services to align with and implement comparable standards. 

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Responsibility framework

In order to embed responsible business practices in our day-to-day operations, our policies need to be put into practice in a consistent and coherent way. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive framework that translates our commitment to responsible business into practical activities that guide our operations.

Mapping what matters

In order to support our Responsibility Framework, Trafigura identifies and assesses actual and potential adverse impacts with which the Group could be involved, either through our own activities or as a result of our business relationships. This process, reviewed annually, draws on expertise within the Group and involves extensive consultation with potentially affected groups and other relevant stakeholders.

Our governance

Trafigura’s Corporate Responsibility Policy and Business Principles, along with our Code of Business Conduct, articulate our approach to corporate responsibility. Our governance structure aims to ensure that each of these policies is implemented consistently across our organisation.

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