Trafigura is committed to doing business in accordance with high standards of ethics and integrity. All our employees are required to abide by our Code of Business Conduct.

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Our approach

It is a commercial imperative for Trafigura that our business is, and is seen to be, one that acts with integrity and maintains high ethical standards. Our management teams work together with Compliance, Legal, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs departments to promote ethical behaviour amongst our employees and contractors.

Trafigura is a global company, which operates within the European regulatory framework. We are constantly evolving our business model to adapt to shifting cultural norms, geographies and regulatory regimes. There is a strong sense of common endeavour at Trafigura, and the company’s owners also work in the business. There is a shared understanding that the risks facing the Group affect us all.

Our Code of Business Conduct is a cornerstone of Trafigura’s approach. It defines what is expected of our business and our people. It promotes good business judgement and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We have adopted five key principles that define the way we conduct ourselves worldwide. Our Compliance Department develops global systems and safeguards to ensure we adhere to these principles wherever we operate.


  1. Integrity: We are honest and straightforward in all our business dealings.
  2. Care and diligence: We conduct and manage our business with due skill, care and diligence.
  3. Best practice: We develop compliance procedures that meet best practice standards, not just minimum legal or regulatory requirements.
  4. Market conduct: We ensure our business dealings are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of market conduct.
  5. Management and control: We put appropriate procedures in place to manage and control the business effectively and meet the requirements of our Code of Business Conduct.

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