We are committed to minimising the impact from our business operations on the natural environment.

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Our approach

We require that the planning, design and operation of all Group activities and facilities explicitly consider and target environmental risk in its many forms. 

For those divisions and subsidiaries that operate industrial assets, our goal is to eliminate or mitigate any adverse environmental impact and maximise the opportunity to improve environmental conditions. This requires the maintenance of environmental management processes and systems appropriate to the products we handle and the activities we undertake. A number of our existing facilities are certified to the International Standard ISO 14001, the world’s most recognised framework for environmental management systems.

For Trafigura, mitigating adverse impact also means investing in and exploring alternatives to traditional and more polluting forms of transportation: alleviating logistics bottlenecks and in so doing reducing carbon emissions. In the design and construction of new facilities, adaptation to meet the reality of climate change has become standard. 

We support policies that address climate change without damaging society’s ability to meet the growing demand for secure, affordable energy and vital natural resources. 

Trafigura is committed to setting indicators and targets to further enhance our management and reporting against environmental impacts, improvement measures and achieved performance. 

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