Global Grievance Hotline

Report grievances safely, securely, anonymously and with confidence

We have contracted an external supplier ‘EXPOLINK’ to provide an anonymous 24/7/365 manned telephone hotline, web reporting and email service for the reporting of grievances. 

A “grievance” is any negative feedback from a stakeholder who has a “sense of wrong” linked to our operations or activities. Our criteria for acceptance of a grievance are broad and flexible in order to accommodate as wide a range of grievances as possible. In particular, grievances based on perception as well as fact are accepted.

This service is available to all stakeholders, without exception, and is progressively being rolled-out across our global operations.  At a global level, grievances can be logged via the following means, regardless of which Trafigura Group company the grievance relates to.

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We believe that every grievance must be acknowledged, logged and managed consistently and with due respect for the complainant, regardless of whether the relevant company operation considers the issue to be well founded. 

Logging and investigating all grievances doesn’t mean that they will all be accepted as legitimate complaints.  As a point of principle, our responsibility to remediate a grievance will be limited to those cases where the alleged harm/wrong is caused by our activities, or where our activities have contributed to it.

Should you have any general questions about this service or about our responsibility programme as a whole please click here.

Our response

As outlined above, when you report a grievance to EXPOLINK an anonymous case number will be generated.  We will endeavour to respond to each case via EXPOLINK within a two week period.

In the event of an emergency (defined as imminent threat to life or imminent threat of physical harm to persons or property) out of normal working hours (9am to 5.30pm UK time Monday to Friday inclusive) EXPOLINK will attempt to contact our authorised recipients via their emergency telephone numbers.