Our People

We maintain a working environment based on integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect.

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Our approach

At Trafigura, we have built up a distinctive culture that binds our global organisation and drives performance across regions and disciplines. Being able to recruit, retain and develop skilled and high performing people is critical to maintaining our competitiveness. 

Respect, diversity and competitiveness are fundamental tenets. We strive to create an environment in which people flourish and maximise their potential. To do that, we set high standards – for ourselves and for those that support us in our day-to-day activities.

Trafigura people have an entrepreneurial outlook. They are recognised for their reliability, efficiency and sense of responsibility. Their focus is on delivering and sustaining growth. 

Our decentralised structure devolves decision making to give individuals significant autonomy. Robust systems and processes support a culture of accountability and control. It is a combination that motivates staff, promotes responsiveness and allows teams to operate effectively across diverse businesses, different cultural norms and varying socio-economic conditions.

Our approach to managing our people and our contractors is enshrined in our HSEC Policy, our HSEC Business Principles, our Code of Business Conduct and employee handbooks. 

Trafigura's Human Resources team oversees our people strategy on behalf of the Group. The Global Head of HR reports to Trafigura’s COO who sits on Trafigura’s Management Board.

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