At Trafigura, we are committed to conducting business with integrity, professionalism and diligence.

As a company that employs over 10,000 people across 48 countries, trading over 365 million metric tonnes of commodities around the world annually, we recognise the impacts of our activities, both positive and negative, on people and the environment, and the importance of acting responsibly at all times.

Our ambition is to grow prosperity and create long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders and for society as a whole. We strive to create this value by centring our efforts on, and setting clear ESG performance targets around, the following five key responsibility objectives.

  • Conduct and compliance
    To ensure that our activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that employees abide by our Code of Business Conduct.
  • Society
    To avoid infringing human rights, to address harms that may occur and to earn and maintain a social licence to operate.
  • Health and safety
    To operate and conduct our activities safely, and to protect the health and wellbeing of our people and impacted stakeholders.
  • Environment and climate change
    To minimise any adverse impacts from our operations on the natural environment and to adapt our business to meet the risks and opportunities of climate change.
  • Our people
    To attract, develop and retain the best people in a working environment that promotes integrity, diversity, equal opportunity and mutual respect.

Policies and governance

Our policies and guidelines define how we conduct business and set out the high standards of responsible and ethical behaviours required of every employee, individually and collectively, as well as our expectations of our counterparties. All policies are freely available here.

Governance and oversight of our policies and guidelines are both set and enforced by senior management and the committees listed within our Responsibility framework.


Responsibility framework

In order to embed responsible business practices in our day-to-day operations in a consistent and coherent way, we have developed a comprehensive framework that translates our commitment to responsible business into practical activities that guide our operations.

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Mapping what matters – our salient risks

In order to support our Responsibility framework, we identify and assess actual and potential adverse impacts that the Group could cause, contribute to or be linked to, either through our own activities or as a result of our business relationships.

This identification process, reviewed annually, draws on expertise within the Group and involves extensive consultation with potentially affected groups and other relevant stakeholders.

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Stakeholder engagement

Continuous engagement with our stakeholders is a vital part of our commitment to responsible business practices. It enables us to identify salient risks and to constantly improve how we operate.

Our strategies, initiatives and targets are informed by feedback received from the groups relevant to our business operations, including financiers, customers, suppliers, governments, NGOs, industry peers, educational institutions, communities and our employees. A full list of our salient risks is included on the following pages of our salient risks is included on the following pages. Our engagement with these groups takes a number of forms, from bilateral meetings and industry discussions to multi-stakeholder forums.

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our approach to the SDGs is to focus on the targets where we can have greatest impact, appropriate to our activities, operations and position in the global value chain. We make a contribution to many of the Goals, but our sphere of influence is most closely aligned to Goals 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 16 and 17. Throughout this report, information reported and case studies highlight how our programmes, activities and partnerships contribute towards the Goals.

2020 Responsibility Report
2020 Responsibility Report

2020 Responsibility Report

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