Established in 2007 as an independent philanthropic entity, the Trafigura Foundation provides financial support and technical expertise to back programmes that respond to specific local needs and lay firm bases for autonomy and sustainability.


We provide long-term funding and expertise to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable communities around the world, driving positive and lasting transformational change. We pursue this mission by supporting programmes in two key areas of strategic focus.

Fostering fair and sustainable employment

We promote and support the creation of quality jobs and income-generating opportunities for the most marginalised groups, with the ultimate aim of helping them live better-quality and more autonomous lives.

We consider ‘fair and sustainable’ job opportunities as those that provide decent wages, safe working conditions, and are aligned with international ethical principles of employment and human rights.

Promoting clean and safe supply chains

The Foundation supports projects that address the social and environmental issues related to the sourcing of commodities, transportation and waste disposal.

We define ‘clean and safe’ as those activities that reduce polluting emissions and the carbon footprint of supply chains; and tackle the social and health issues affecting communities impacted by transport and industrial infrastructure, such as workers and communities living along main logistics roads and hubs.

Root Capital, Central America

Agricultural enterprises, with proper support and access to finance, can improve the lives of millions of vulnerable rural families. In partnership with the Trafigura Foundation, Root Capital intervenes by extending essential financial and agronomic training to 12 agricultural cooperatives in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua, with the aim of boosting their resilience and credit-worthiness. The programme targets small, farmer-led cooperatives in the coffee, honey and cocoa sectors. Thanks to Root Capital’s intervention, 3,310 smallholder farmers are able to generate more stable incomes and gain the skills to transform their business and community.

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Pure Earth, India

In 2015, our partner Pure Earth, a leader in global toxic pollution clean-up, started to research the impact of lead pollution in India. The recycling and smelting of used lead-acid batteries, activities that are often conducted in densely populated urban areas and with few pollution controls, are responsible for lead pollution and lead poisoning in the country.

Following the start of its research work, Pure Earth launched a remediation plan in the community of Rangapuram,  which has a population of around 1,500 people. Trafigura Foundation backed Pure Earth's research and advocacy efforts and Pure Earth will continue its remediation plans to reduce lead pollution around a childcare centre and residential housing in the area, and to educate the community on how to protect themselves from lead exposure.

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2020 Responsibility Report
2020 Responsibility Report

2020 Responsibility Report

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