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Our approach

We believe natural resource wealth should act as an engine for growth in emerging economies, contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction. Our international operations stimulate development in local communities and national economies. We create employment, develop skills, build infrastructure and procure from local suppliers.

We also recognise that our activities and those of our business partners can have adverse impacts. We monitor and seek to manage these where we have indirect supply chain impacts. We seek to mitigate such risks by acting responsibly and by exercising diligence in appointing suppliers and contractors. Our activities are codified in our Responsibility Policy, Business Principles and, where appropriate, specified operating expectations.

The commodity trading sector, rightly, faces increasing scrutiny. We are building a more robust and resilient business model by promoting transparency and connecting our activities with what matters most to our stakeholders. 

We engage with stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally in our day-to-day business dealings. We advocate increased disclosure as a means of holding governments to account in resource-rich countries. Since 2014, as active participants in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), we have been disclosing our payments to participating governments.

In the international arena, we contribute to the continuing conversation on impacts relating to our sector, the territories in which we trade, the business relationships we keep, the products we handle and the services we deliver. We engage formally with stakeholders through a materiality assessment process that identifies their priorities and concerns.

Aggregate first purchases from NOCs in EITI countries in 2018
Aggregate first purchases from NOCs in non-EITI countries in 2018