Our People

We are proud of our meritocratic working environment – one that is forged in an atmosphere of integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity and mutual respect. To have a successful and sustainable business we need to attract, develop and retain a skilled and high-performing workforce.

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Our approach

We set high standards for ourselves and for our partners in our day-to-day activities. We work in an environment based on respect, diversity and performance where people can flourish and maximise their potential.

Trafigura people combine entrepreneurialism with responsibility. Devolved decision-making gives employees significant autonomy. Increasingly robust systems and processes ensure full accountability and control.

It is an approach that aims to motivate staff, promote agility and allow close-knit teams to operate effectively across diverse businesses with differing norms and in varying socio-economic conditions.

Trafigura’s Human Resources (HR) team oversees our people strategy on behalf of the Group. The Global Head of HR reports to Trafigura’s COO who sits on Trafigura’s Executive Committee. 

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