Earning and maintaining our social licence in communities where we operate reduces risk, supports the development of our business and enhances our access to talent, capital and liquidity. Promoting greater linkages with the community and driving greater levels of transparency locally and internationally are vital components. Where our activities impact others, we act to avoid infringing their rights and to address adverse impacts with which we are involved.

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Our approach

We are a major facilitator of global trade. We believe that natural resource wealth should be an engine for economic growth that, when used prudently, contributes to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Our activities stimulate development in local communities and national economies. We create employment, develop skills, build infrastructure and procure from local suppliers. At the same time, we recognise that our activities and those of our business relationships can also have adverse impacts.

We monitor and seek to manage risks where we have indirect supply chain impacts. We endeavour to mitigate such risks by acting responsibly and by exercising diligence in appointing suppliers and contractors. How we act is codified through our Responsibility Policy, Business Principles and, where appropriate, specified operating expectations.

Internationally, we contribute to the expanding conversation on and response to impacts related to our sector, the geographies in which we trade, the business relationships that we keep, the products that we handle and the services that we deliver.

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