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The Trafigura Foundation provides long-term funding and expertise to improve socio-economic conditions for vulnerable communities around the world. It joins forces with proven organisations on the ground to achieve more for its beneficiaries. In 2017, the Trafigura Foundation supported 40 programmes across 27 countries.

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Key figures


disbursed in 2017


programmes funded in 2017


post-disaster relief operations


countries of action



$4.2m disbursed in 2017
40 programmes funded in 2017
2 post-disaster relief operations
27 countries of action
36 partners

Our dual mission

The Trafigura Foundation was established in 2007 with a twofold mission. We’re an independent philanthropic organisation. We have formal processes in place to select, support, monitor and review programmes.

The Foundation aims to help Trafigura gain a more complete sense of its social role as a major global economic player. We also have a responsibility to Trafigura staff. We raise awareness and forge connections between employees and the wider world.

Independence and interdependence

The ability to act independently is fundamental to our philanthropic philosophy. Our independent status is both recognised and respected at Trafigura.

At the same time, with the specialist knowledge we gain from our relationship with Trafigura, there is a strong case to leverage the business expertise of our founding company in our philanthropic action, to achieve more tangible and long-lasting results that aligns with the impacts of Trafigura’s industry as a whole. 

Confronting social realities

As a global organisation, Trafigura touches all kinds of communities. Challenging social conditions are more prevalent in emerging economies, but they also exist in the so-called advanced economies.

Exposing Trafigura people to these realities changes how they think about the communities on their doorstep. We are building awareness and strengthening structures for participation, namely our Charity Committees.

Charity committees

Twelve Charity Committees in Trafigura’s major offices connect the Foundation’s work with the Group. The Committees recommend projects for consideration by the Foundation and share information within the Group.

They also manage a Charity of the Year programme, where local employees get to vote for their favourite charity. Local staff members support their selected charity in various ways across the year. The Foundation makes a substantial financial contribution.

Funding social change

The Trafigura Foundation provides grants to projects that spur social and economic development. Our funding activities fall into two main categories: fair & sustainable employment and safe & clean logistics. We focus on self-sustaining activities that help people realise their full potential. Grants are intended to have long-term benefits and typically have a minimum three-year duration.

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