The challenge

Trafigura can only flourish by continuously improving productivity and efficiency. We have to be agile in increasingly competitive markets. As a global company, we need to collaborate internationally. Teamwork is critical.


Our approach

We are developing team management as a core leadership skill through in-house training. Our latest programme builds on the success of our ‘Leading for results’ training module. ‘Managing high-performing teams’ is tailored to Trafigura’s needs. The workshop focuses on four key elements:

  • building effective relationships
  • team processes
  • the organisation of work
  • team direction

At the end of the session, participants draw up action plans to enhance their team leadership capabilities. This half day workshop was launched in December 2017. It has been delivered to most middle and back office managers at Trafigura offices in China, Greece, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Uruguay and the US. At Impala Terminals, similar training sessions were delivered in Spain, Peru and Colombia.

In August, we introduced a follow-up module. In this two-hour, case study-led workshop, managers collaborate in small groups to diagnose the root causes of an underperforming business and draw up an action plan to turn it around. The case study session applies the four levers that were the focus of the half day workshop to solve practical problems. Both sessions are facilitated in-house by Trafigura’s HR team.