Key stakeholders

Host governments

Our activities can have a big impact on economic and industrial development: we connect resource producers to the global economy, invest in infrastructure, feed power generation and fuel industry. Host governments require assurance that we operate as a responsible business partner and respect the rights and interests of their citizens. They want to be sure that we are paying national tax at an appropriate level and that our activities do not disadvantage domestic businesses.

National and supernational regulators

Regulatory oversight covers a range of issues including safety, emissions, financial operations, compliance with sanctions, and anti-corruption controls. The framework for international regulation is continually changing. We need to be prepared for that and, where appropriate, contribute to public debate in developing policy areas.

Civil society organisations and NGOs

Civil society and NGOs play an important role in encouraging social progress, environmental protection and democratic debate. They hold up a critical lens to the commodities sector at local and international levels. We focus on developing mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with the NGO community.

Existing and potential customers and counterparties

As an international trading firm, we prosper by building enduring relationships with producers and end-users. For producers, we seek to provide enhanced returns from accessing global markets; for end-users, we set out to minimise trading costs and provide cost-effective supply of specific grades of commodities at a time and place to suit them. We seek to serve all parties’ interests by optimising safety, efficiency and reliability.

Existing and potential suppliers

We work with numerous suppliers to deliver our services globally. We operate robust HSEC systems and processes and require assurance from our suppliers that they take the same approach.

Local communities

Trafigura undertakes large-scale, long-term investments globally. We often operate in remote and challenging locations where our activities can have a significant impact on local communities. We aim to communicate our approach consistently, manage our impacts responsibly and create opportunities for shared value.

Employees, contractors and trade unions

We seek to engage with all employees and contractors to instil a collective sense of responsibility. A commitment to value respect, fairness, non-discrimination, equal opportunity, training and development, and diversity within the workplace is included in our HSEC Business Principles. From an operational perspective, the business respects the right of workers to bargain collectively and associate with unions.

Financial institutions

Trafigura’s business could not function without the liquidity financial institutions provide. Their policies are subject to intense scrutiny and increased regulation. They require assurance that our HSEC systems and processes mitigate risk and reflect internationally accepted standards.

Academic institutions

To date, the commodity trading sector has received relatively little academic attention. We take the view that improving theoretical understanding will have a positive impact on our sector and will help us in our ambition to recruit the best talent. We work with students and academic institutions to support research and build knowledge.

International and regional media

In an age of social media and 24-hour rolling news, swift and accurate information is vital. There are numerous media outlets acting as conduits to the general public and to stakeholder groups. We aim to provide relevant, accurate and timely responses to requests for information.