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Trafigura has been present on the African continent since the company’s beginnings, and the continent plays an important part in the Group’s global business. Trafigura’s regional office for Africa is based in the heart of Sandton’s buzzing CBD in Johannesburg. Home of the JSE and major local and international corporations including finance houses, insurance companies, and law firms, Sandton is reputedly the most sought after location for commercial real estate on the continent.

Trafigura’s addition to the Sandton skyline is an airy 4 storey building which from the outside looks like a modern glass ship moored at 15 Alice Lane, overlooking to one side the urban Sandton area, and to the other the leafy suburb of Sandhurst and beyond.

Trafigura in Africa

The company, which includes the Africa regional offices for Puma Energy and Impala Terminals, occupies 1.5 floors, while the remaining floors are reserved for tenants. The office building is a fluid, open and ergonomic space to work, meet and receive partners and collaborators. Light and clean lines define the main reception and eight ultra-modern formal boardrooms located on the third floor, while the trading platforms, offices and fourteen internal meeting rooms sprawl across the entire expanse of the fourth floor, wrapping around the central atrium. Canteen facilities, coffee stations and collaborative spaces as well as shower facilities are additional conveniences which make this new building a fitting new home from where to reach the entire Africa region.

Staff for the 3 businesses currently total 210, but our office space allows growth up to 290. Planned growth into the South African market means most of this space should be utilised by end 2017. Walking into the offices you’ll sense the strong work ethic prevalent in the Group and the culture of hard work and delivery . Like the HR team here describes it to new joiners “you have to hit the ground sprinting or you will quickly fall behind”.

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Meet one of our Logistics Managers

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Meet one of our Logistics Managers

19 December 2019

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