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Foundations for Growth: Infrastructure investment in emerging markets

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Published on1 Mar 2015

This white paper looks at how investment in infrastructure is of vital importance for the global economy, and in particular for developing nations.


Equally, if a widening emerging-economy ‘infrastructure gap’ is to be adequately bridged, there is a requirement for much greater involvement of the private sector in the design and delivery of these assets. With government finances increasingly constrained, and the various competing claims on them are only likely to multiply, tapping the financial resources and broader experience and expertise of private investors and producers is a major priority.


Trafigura has long demonstrated competence in trading and transportation of commodities, and is also aware of global citizenship responsibilities that go some way beyond those owed to its immediate shareholders. It stands to be at the leading edge of the future expansion of global infrastructure which supports trade.


It is our hope that this white paper will contribute to an informed debate about the important role of infrastructure in fostering development, and will encourage the search for innovative public-private partnerships in this area. Since the emerging-market growth that is fuelling demand is unlikely to abate in the foreseeable future, solutions will be at a premium in coming years.