Trafigura response to claims by Nadabo Energy Ltd in Nigeria

Published on24 Oct 2018

24 October 2018 - Over the past months, Nadabo Energy Ltd, a company previously named in an EFCC fuel subsidy fraud investigation, has made various allegations, filed a series of civil proceedings and issued a criminal complaint against Trafigura. The civil proceedings and criminal complaint are all related to the same alleged circumstances. The allegations are false and the legal actions are vexatious. Trafigura has not conspired, or colluded to Nadabo’s detriment, or stolen goods from, or committed fraud against Nadabo.


Nadabo’s actions are an attempt to draw Trafigura into a dispute which has nothing to do with it. Trafigura views this as a clear abuse of the process and an attempt to interfere wrongly with Trafigura’s commercial activities in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Trafigura will defend itself against these baseless allegations and legal actions. Trafigura will continue to engage with the appropriate authorities regarding these actions taken by Nadabo that abuse process and are intended to disrupt Trafigura’s legitimate business interests and will be reviewing its options regarding redress.