Our two year graduate development programme based in Mumbai is designed to provide you with a structured series of rotations across our core trading business in areas such as trade finance, operations and deals desk, with the potential to rotate into our mid and downstream supply and warehousing and logistics business’, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the business, opening up a future of unlimited opportunities within the Trafigura group.

As part of the two year programme you will complete 3 rotations, all based in the Mumbai office.

The programme encourages an entrepreneurial attitude where participants are highly visible and are expected to create opportunities for themselves through exponential performance and networking.

You will be asked on application to indicate a (non committal) interest for a particular area: deals desk, operations, trade finance, mid - downstream supply and warehousing and logistics but will complete rotations across 3 areas before entering a chosen area, ensuring that on completion of the programme you enter your role with the full understanding of how each function operates and enhances the other in order to maximise profit potential for the group.
*We will ask you why at interview.

It is worth noting that this is not a trading programme: Those looking to enter a commercial (‘front line trading/business development’) role should expect to spend several years within a department after completing the programme ‘mastering’ the product specific techniques and skills that will ensure their long term career, be it management or commercial, is enhanced to guarantee their full career potential.

A minimum requirement of a 2:1 / 3.4 GPA (or equivalent) in any discipline and fluent English is essential.

Meet one of the team

Meet one of our graduates in Mumbai

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Meet one of our graduates in Mumbai

05 April 2016

Discover the Mumbai Office

Welcome to Trafigura Mumbai

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Welcome to Trafigura Mumbai

12 April 2018



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A day in a life of a graduate

Rotation 2 - Deals Desk

Country: Mumbai – India
Education: IIT Madras – Chemical Engineering
History: Started in Mumbai on the graduate programme on Operations. Now on 2nd rotation on Deals Desk.
Interests: 4x4 Overlanding; Music; Swimming



Gym session, followed by quick laps at the pool and 15 minutes in the steam room.


Start the day in the office with quick follow up with Shanghai Derivatives traders on any pricing orders that may have filled overnight on the Shanghai markets.


We have 2 new Long term contracts with African counterparts and I have to prepare the deal economics in preparation for a discussion with my Trader. The discussion will entail the shipping schedule and the hedging strategies to be applied on the new contracts as well as discussing the overall Pnl of the deals.


Quick lunch session with work mates at the company’s cafeteria for some delicious Indian cuisine.


Finalize on the deal economics of the new contracts and send the proposal to the Trader for our discussion later.


Begin the preparation of the book’s global Daily Pnl report. This includes in-depth analysis of all pnl day changes from yesterday and the Mark to Market analysis.


Call my trader to discuss the two new contracts. We both agree on the economics of the trades, which is an unexpected turn of events as we usually debate on the estimates (this time I used the latest quotes from service providers, given to me by my colleagues in the Operations team). Trader asks me to include the trades in today’s end of day global Pnl report. Also tasked to create a Spread card report as the copper spreads have widened and the Trader intends to lock in on the spreads for our physical positions.


Finish up on the Global daily Pnl and send the first draft to traders and management, to allow time for debate on any changes, before the report is included in the end of day report sent to Senior management for all books.


Check and authorize all the pricing orders during the day. Also raise the market orders to lock in the spreads as discussed with my trader.


The day is almost over and the guys are in the mood for some late night sushi at the nearby famous Yauatcha restaurant so we wrap up the day and head out.