Case study: Brujula Verde

Our Role: Project Sponsor
The Brujula Verde project is the largest landscape restoration project on degraded lands in Colombia. Located in the Orinoco region, Vichada landscapes have historically been subject to intense cattle grazing with periodic induced fires which has turned the landscape into an anthropogenic savannah with heavily degraded soils. 
In the first phase of the project, 12 million trees will be planted across 10,000 hectares, with the potential for expanding this to 30,000 hectares. This project has the potential to absorb up to 45 million tonnes of CO2 over the project lifetime.  


Vichada, Colombia


First issuance expected Q4 2024


Gold Standard

Project ID

The project will be an expansion of the pre-existing project GS 4221

Project area

10,000 hectares

Estimated carbon removals

30 million tonnes Co2e over 30 years