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Impala Terminals, the independently managed multimodal logistics arm of the Trafigura Group, focuses on export-driven emerging markets. It owns and operates ports, terminals, warehouses and transport assets which offer end-to-end logistics solutions for dry and liquid bulk cargoes, general cargo, and containers, both for Trafigura and third-party clients.

Impala has particular expertise in providing efficient logistic solutions in challenging environments and hard-to-reach locations. It combines strategically located infrastructure with multimodal logistics to streamline supply chains and promote global trade.

Its logistics solutions across Africa, Latin America and Spain integrate barge, truck, rail, storage and direct-berth access. A number of Impala Terminals’ operations are operated as joint ventures with independent investors.

The recent joint venture with IFM Investors in its Paraguayan, Peruvian, Mexican and Spanish assets and the global freight forwarding and logistics business unit will provide Impala  with even stronger financial stability.

The synergies afforded by this partnership will also allow Impala Terminals to explore new business opportunities and to grow its global footprint.

At scale and across the world, Impala has the capabilities and the people to forge safe, reliable and cost-effective links between commodity producers and end-users.

28 March 2018

A short introduction to Impala Terminals 2018

A short introduction to Impala Terminals 2018

28 March 2018

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Impala Terminals owns and operates a network of terminals that facilitate global trade flows. We specialise in warehousing, multi-modal logistics and related port services for essential commodities worldwide. We combine the strengths of our people and our assets to provide vital access to markets and new opportunities.

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