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Agora supply chain emissions platform

A secure, independent platform which integrates commodity supply chain emissions data from primary and secondary sources.

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Published on1 Oct 2023

Carbon intensity is becoming a point of differentiation in commodity markets. Companies that can make informed decisions about the carbon intensity of their supply chains will have a competitive edge.


In 2022, Trafigura and Palantir Technologies launched Agora, a secure, independent platform, delivering enhanced visibility, reporting and analysis of commodity supply chain carbon intensity.

The platform combines Trafigura’s detailed knowledge of commodity markets, including data on shipments and trade routes, with Palantir’s software for data-driven operations and decision-making.


The result is a powerful tool that brings greater transparency to the carbon intensity of commodity supply chains. In turn, this helps companies understand how existing trade flows and routes can be decarbonised to hit emissions reduction targets faster.


Agora allows for collaboration across supply chains, benchmarking, analysis of alternative scenarios for carbon intensity reductions and carbon price impact modelling. Users’ primary data can be supplemented with industry data from providers such as S&P Global Commodities Insights, CRU and Skarn Associates, to map new simulations and pathways.

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“We see Agora as a tool that can assist our customers to meet their GHG emission reduction targets, enhance their supply chains and ultimately reduce their carbon footprints.”


Jeremy Weir

Executive Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

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